CPM Quality Brands

CPM produces prime quality tissue jumbo rolls of various tissue paper grades including 100% virgin pulp, super commercial (mixed recycled), and commercial (100% recycled).

These various grades ranges from 12.5gsm of delicate Facial Tissue to 52gsm of strong Hand Towels, with colors ranging from the lightest of pastel shades to the darkest of deep dye colors.

CPM also produces Brown Tissue Paper made from 100% Recycled wastepaper. These tissues are highly acceptable in markets, especially for Napkin Grade.

We are proud to be the first mill in the region to introduce Deep Dye tissues, and light pastel colors which have been widely accepted all over the world.

Silky Soft Tissue Paper

Due to the high demand for Facial Tissue in the region, we have developed an exceptionally soft quality brand where the tissue has a silky-feel.

This brand of quality is a premium product from CPM and is made from high-grade quality virgin pulp sourced from leading pulp suppliers around the world.

The product comes in 2-ply, 13.5gsm and we have put immense effort to ensure the product’s durability, right texture and softness.

This product was successfully established in the Egypt Market and has a huge demand in the region.

Brown 100% Recycled Tissue

Brown recycled tissues are highly acceptable in markets, especially for Napkin Grade.

Brown tissue paper is more popular choice due to its eco-friendliness, as it is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable.

It can come in various shades of brown, from light tan to dark chocolate, and can be produced in the range of starting from 15gsm up to 52 GSM

Brown Tissue is widely supported in the world because it is sustainable and is used in many restaurants and cafes.

Safe Tissue

Introducing sterilized “Safe Tissue”.
The process of making this tissue has proved to be a breakthrough technology. Through optimum dosage and treatment process, the process guarantees 99.99% sterilizations.

The process also offers protective packaging and effective control of microbial contamination.

Sterilization is accomplished by scrambling the DNA structure of the microorganism on exposure to ultraviolet light.

UV sterilization eliminates the use of harsh chemicals without importing any foreign odor, collision, irritation and allergenic properties to the paper.

“CPM aims to be a Preferred Partner to Tissue Converters, and continue producing the highest quality tissue paper in the market.”

CPM aims to be a preferred partner to the tissue converters and continue producing the finest quality tissue paper







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