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Empowered with a large multi-cultural work force, we recognize that dedication & professionalism of our employees are fundamental to the company’s success. Our policy is to always recruit professionals who are drawn from different disciplines to ensure the highest level of professionalism is maintained. By recruiting only the best in the industry, Crown employees are the most valuable assets and their knowledge and expertise play an important role in achieving our goals.

What makes us unique from competition is the combination of ‘Experience’, ‘Skills’ and ‘Dedication’ of our employees and when these three positive traits are combined together, it results in a perfect formula to set and exceed your own benchmark.

To enhance the experience, knowledge and skills, our employees are regularly sent for training (technical, non-technical, administrative and managerial) to various organizations / events / exhibitions in the UAE, as well as other parts of the world.

A special emphasis has been placed on the living conditions and security of employees backed by a full-fledged management policy besides having a life insurance policy for every employee.

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